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Beyblade Crack Claims

Kenny owns you, but YOU can own HIS glasses!

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Have a fetsih for Kai's scarf? Can't get enough of Tyson's hat? Want to nab yourself a pair of Kenny's cokebottle glasses? Then you've come to the right place!

At Beyblade Crack Claims, you can claim pretty much anything in the Beyblade universe that is NOT a person. Expressions, clothing, random inanimate objects, everything is up for grabs! Just read these rules first:

1) You can only claim things that appear in the show or manga. In other words, even though we may agree that Kai must own a pair of black silk boxers, you cannot claim them.

2) You can claim up to three things.

3) You can claim an ensemble as a whole (e.g. Tala's G-Rev outfit) BUT others may then claim individual pieces of said outfit (e.g. Tala's shoes).

4) You can only claim one thing belonging to a character. Meaning, you could claim EITHER Ray's bandana, OR his butt-flap, OR his ponytail holder, but not all three. Don't be greedy =P

5) Bitbeasts cannot be claimed (because bitbeasts are people too!) but Beyblades can be.

6) As far as body parts go, the area's a little grey. Hair and eyes can be claimed for anyone. Identifying marks like freckles, etc, are also up for grabs. Other bodyparts can only be claimed if you can 'crack' them -- Ray's kitty ears, Ian's fugly nose, Tala's scary eyebrows, and so forth. You cannot just randomly claim someone's foot or whatever, because I don't want to deal with doling out toes here.

~inglorious_dmk and kawaiiphantom, co-owners~

Claimed Items:

Freckles: inglorious_dmk
Mayo Bottle: chichilein
G-rev Beyblade Holster: kurorin

Stripies: inglorious_dmk
Scarf: kawaiiphantom
Gauntlets: humanoid_kitten
Smirk: kairei_fan
Belt: othela
V-force Butt Pouch: andhera
Eyes (season one): hikaridonya

Hair: humanoid_kitten
Hair Wrap: kairei_fan
Bandana: takara_sorano
Kitty Ears: beykitten
Fangs: andhera
Eyes: hikaridonya

Sword (series one): takara_sorano

Laptop: kairei_fan

Pajamas: kawaiiphantom

Headband: holygirlhikari
Hair: andhera

Earring: danceshoes_____

Ming Ming
Dress: chichilein

Jumpsuit: othela
Evil Laugh: holygirlhikari
Hair: hikaridonya

Belt/Beyblade Case (G-Rev): fire_werewolf
Fuzzy G-rev Jacket: othela
''I would say farewell but then I would be lying, I really hope you fare badly.'': ladyfiction

Goggles: fire_werewolf

Headband: fire_werewolf

DJ Jazzman
Bandana: igatona1erik
G-Rev shirt: danceshoes_____
Microphone: kurorin

Mr. Dickenson
Cane: igatona1erik

Bladebreakers' Russian Tournament Jackets: inglorious_dmk
BBA Bus: takara_sorano
BBA Jackets (G-Rev): chichilein
The Glitter Dome: igatona1erik